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C134-Axford Overbust Corset
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Overbust Corset

Traditional long style, pushes up the breasts. Comes with 6 detachable spenders, cotton lined.

Corset Sizes: 20-34" / 51-86cm
Front Length: 15½" / 39cm

axfords Overbust Corset C134 in Black Coutil

The C134 corset comes in 8 sizes: 20"/51cm; 22"/56 cm; 24"/61cm; 26"/66cm; 28"/71cm; 30"/76cm;
32"/81cm; 34"/86cm.

Coutil is a cotton-based fabric featuring a fine stripe in the weave.

Corsets are supplied smaller than your natural waist measurement.

Getting the right size corset is quite complicated and it is best to leave us to choose this for you. We ask you to give your real,uncorsetted measurements (in inches or centimeters.) We will then select the right size for you.

The C134 corset comes with 6 detachable spenders, with metal fastenings.

axfords Overbust Corset C134

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Black Coutil
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